Hackett Mill’s newly renovated space next door to SFMOMA embodies and reflects Michael Hackett and Francis Mill’s philosophy of living with and experiencing art on a daily basis. The innovative design of the gallery resonates with the gallery’s program which continues to provide a platform for unique juxtapositions between the historical and the contemporary – providing the contextual and scholarly scaffolding to create exciting collections that span movements and eras, united by the universal truth of the artistic struggle.

Hackett and Mill each have over thirty years of experience in the fine arts. They bring their varied backgrounds together to present a unique and respected vision to the Bay Area’s artistic community. In addition to Francis Mill’s BA in architecture and MFA in fine art, he was the dean of graduate studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco which informs his scholarly approach to building collections. Michael Hackett began nurturing young artistic talents in the 1980s and has been an active gallerist on an international level his entire career. Together Hackett and Mill combine their expertise toward developing meaningful and inspired collections, exhibitions, and lectures.

Hackett Mill represents the contemporary artists Manuel Neri, Raimonds Staprans and Brian Wall and is the exclusive representative of the Estates of David Park, David Beck, Masatoyo Kishi and Robert Schwartz.

145 Natoma St. Suite 400,
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 362-3377

Open by appointment

Michael Hackett
Francis Mill
John Obrecht
Jessica Phillips

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